1 Minute Stage with Angels

A popular service where Kids Models from around the world tell us the time with their adorable and cute smiles.
Kids models present us the world's time with their adorable smiles from 40 different countries including Japan and Taiwan.
It has become Asia's largest kids model audition within 6 years from establishment, with over 1,000,000 members.
It has now become the gateway to success in the kids model and enterntainment business.
We are currently selecting image models for movies popular within children and collaborations with apparel makers and children related companies.
We are looking forward to your applications.


Procedures until release on KIDS-TOKEI

STEP1/Apply to the projects you want to participate in

Apply from

Select your best photos
and post

Now all you have to do is wait
Application Complete!

STEP2 / You will receive an email notifying you that you have been accepted

If in any case you do not receive an email, please check the member's page or the KIDS TOKEI app.

STEP3 / Confirm the day of the photo shoot

STEP4 / Create a board by the day of the photo shoot

Prepare a black drawing paper (B4 size) and write the 【Time of Performance】 and 【A message to someone special】

※A time board may not be necessary in some projects. Please check the details on My Page.
1. You can even use things wool and cotton!
2. Don't use smooth drawing pape in order to prevent reflection!
3. Crayons and chalk easily get on clothes, so please be careful!

STEP5 / The day of the photo shoot

Please come in your favorite clothes to the photo shoot.
Professional photographers will take wonderful photos!

STEP6 / About the photos taken

We will sell the photos on the day of the photo shoot as an option.

STEP7 / Release on KIDS-TOKEI

Share and view with your friends and family!
Generally, 1or 2 photos will be released on the KIDS-TOKEI website they can be saved on your computer /mobile phone free of charge.


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