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KIDS-TOKEI is popular a web-based clock adorable kids models, that tell you the current time.Previous collaborations include: Universal Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Well established kids' fashion labels, distinguished artists and major record companies... Within the first 10years, KIDS-TOKEI reached a milestone, having gained approx. 1,200,000 members, globally, expanding to Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Paris, London, Malaysia, Los Angeles to make kids smile.

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Collaborating with the Italian magazine「VOGUE」× KIDS-TOKEI.
In August 2015, KIDS-TOKEI welcomed Kristina Pimenova, ‘The most beautiful girl in the world’ as a spokesmodel. KIDS-TOKEI on VOGUE RUSSIA audition was held simultaneously throughout the world. We invite kids who pass the audition, to KIDS-TOKEI on VOGUE. Photo sessions will be held in Japan, London, Paris, Indonesia, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Los Angeles, Singapore, Malaysia, Moscow, and Hawaii.

Previous Grand Prize Winner

There were 4 Grand Prize Winners from “KIDS-TOKEI on VOGUE” 
There were featured on VOGUE Italia!!
Do you have what it takes to be on VOGUE 2022!

※Grand Prize Winner of 2021

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What will happen after passing the audition?

Our photographers are professional !

Once your child has passed the audition, you can enjoy a professional photo session for free!

You can record your child growing in pictures, with our professional photographers.

Capture precious moments, photographed in this special event! ‘Children grow up so fast’.

Interested in the entertainment world?

Agents from various companies, screen KIDS-TOKEI models. Some of them have been appeared on TV commercials or TV dramas.

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Easy entry! Simply crick on the ‘application button’.

Click on the ‘application button’. If your child passes the audition, you will notified by e-mail!
You can also check with ’my page’.


Ready for Photo shoot!

Once your child passes the audition, a board set up and a fine selection of clothing is essential.
Be sure to be at the meeting location for the photo shoot, by checking the photo shooting guide in the HP.


Photo session.

Our professional photographers will take photos of your child and bonus family shots in addition.


The kids photo will be released on the KIDS-TOKEI website.

Photos that will be released on the KIDS-TOKEI website,
can be saved on your computer /mobile phone,
free of charge. Please check the time of your child.

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Moms’ & dads’ voices
I applied for the audition with my son, who is so shy, but thanks to the photographer's advice,
he overcame his shyness and did so well.
These are such a good memories.
I hope that my son will treasure my handmade message board, for many more years to come .
I admire the staff for putting up with us, in order to capture a cherished moment when my child smiles.
Thank you so much! I like visiting venues and coordinating fashion♪
I really like the photo shots of KIDS-TOKEI.
I'd like to share more sweet loving memories with my child, by applying for other auditions of KIDS-TOKEI.

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Detail of the Photo session


Conditions of application

Children between 0~18 years of age and family (The applicant must under 19 years of age at the time of application.)

Participation / Photo shooting

Free (Important note: Some location of the photo shoot may be charged.)

What to Bring

One Message Board (Please decorate a sheet of black paper)
※Create your own theme. ※If you forget your board, you may not be able to participate.

Announcement of result


Photo session schedule

Please note that the event may be cancelled or postponed depending on the spreading of COVID-19.
Minimum number of people to hold a photo session: 10 or more
Our Commitment to Safety and Security

Scheduling photo session

Japan・Moscow・London・Paris・ Indonesia・Taipei・ Beijing・Shanghai・Seoul
・Los Angeles・Malaysia・Singapore・Manila・Hawaii・Cairns
Note: The photo session may be cancelled if the number of participants doesn’t exceed10.

The date when models will appear on KIDS-TOKEI website

The date when models will appear on KIDS-TOKEI website:16/4/2022~ (for one month)

Grand Prize

The announcement will be made on KIDS-TOKEI official website !
Selection criteria for the Grand Prix: The winner will be chosen from among those who purchase a KIDS-TOKEI product at the photo session.


※If you cannot attend the day of the photo session, you can change it 10 days before Photo session as a general rule.
※Please note that cancelation less than 10 days before the photo session and no-shows on the day will incur a penalty.
※You can check the result and details of the photo session on ‘My page’.
※The announcement of the result may delay several days, depending on the number of applicants or screening.
We kindly ask for your understanding.

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How to apply

Q.Is there any charge/fee for the photo session?

A.Once you’ve passed the audition, you can enjoy a free photo session with a professional photographer.(※Please note that, all expenses relating to transportation and accommodation, must be paid by the participant.)

Q.What kind of photo do I need to attach to the application form?

A.The face of the child must be clearly recognized. Both full-body & half-body are accepted.※The quality of the photo will also be one of the selection criteria.

Q.I am already registered with another model agency. Can I apply for the audition?

A.Yes. You can apply and join us. If your portrait rights are held by your model agency, please consult with your agency before submitting your application to KIDS-TOKEI to clarify the contract details regarding your image rights’ holder.

Q.I cannot send a photo.

A. The Smartphone may not be compatible with our system. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please upload the update version and try again.

Q.What's the screening method?

A.The audition will be processed by KIDS-TOKEI CLUB Editorial office. Only the models that have successfully passed the audition will be able to join the photo sessions.

Q.Can siblings apply together?

A.Yes. One application for one family. Please note that the siblings must apply together on the same application form. It will be considered a single entry.

Q.How can I know the result?

A.KIDS-TOKEI CLUB sends ‘a congratulations email’ ….only to the ones who passed the audition.
If you have changed any information about yourself. i.e. e-mail address, home address etc. Please update your registered information on "Mypage" with your smartphone or PC.
You can find the bar saying "Change E-mail address" in the menu list.
My page HERE

Q.Can I re-apply?

A.We accept only one application from one e-mail address. ※ Each family can use ONE email address.
Photo Session

Q.What kind of photo session will I have?

A.Portrait photo sessions by professional photographers. come with your best clothes!

Q.Can I take my own videos or photos during the session?

A.Please note that taking photos and videos with your own devices are not allowed.

Q.Are there any rules for decorating my Message Board?

A.Yes. Use a black sheet of paper. The size should be B4 (25.7cm x 36.4cm).

Q.Can I purchase the photo data?

A.Yes. Photo data can be purchased. It includes both published pictures and behind the scenes photos.
Photo Release

Q.When is the release date?

A.The date when models will appear on KIDS-TOKEI website.
16/4/2022~ (for one month)

Q.Can you give me the published images of my child?

A.You can save the images after one week of its release.
Note:The resolution of the free download images are not so high.
Other Inquiries

Q.I’ve changed my e-mail address. What should I do?

A.Please change your registered E-mail address on "Mypage" with your smartphone or PC. You can find the bar saying "Change E-mail address" in the menu list.
My page HERE

Q.Can KIDS-TOKEI CLUB help my child become an actor/actress or a model?

In fact, some KIDS-TOKEI models made their debuts in magazines, fashion brands or TV shows.
We continue to offer the chances to connect you to the world of show business !
The KIDS-TOKEI CLUB is responsible for the selection, judging and management of all photo shoots.
If you have any questions, please contact the Kids Tokei Club.
Contact Form

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