Biggest ever child models search!

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Application period February 1, 2015 - March 5, 2015
Conditions of application  Children under 12 years of age 
Screening standards Fashion style, quality of the photo,
pose and face expression of the children
Please post your very best photo! 
of application result

From March 7, 2015, we will start to send emails to the parents whose children pass the audition!

Photo shoot  March 14, 15, 21, 22, 2015
filming location Perdana Botanical Garden (Lake Gardens)
Address: Jalan Parlimen 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
What to Bring None. Please come in your best clothing! 
The date when models will appear on KIDS-TOKEI web site  April 25, 2015
How to apply

Q.Is there any charge/fee for the photo session?

A.Once you’ve passed through the audition, you can enjoy a free photo session with a professional photographer.
Please note, that you will have to bear transportation, accommodation and any other related to the photo session expenses.

Q.What kind of photo should I post for the application?

A.The face of the child must be clearly recognized.
Both full-body photograph and half-body photograph will be accepted.
The quality of the photo will also be one of the selection criteria.

Q. I am already registered with another model agency. Can I apply for the audition?

A.Yes. You can apply and join us. If your portrait rights are held by your model agency, please consult with your agency before submitting your application to Kids-Tokei to clarify the contract details regarding your image rights’ holder.

Q.What's the screening method?

A.The audition will be processed by Kids-Tokei Club Editorial office.
Only the models that have successfully passed the audition will be able to join the photo sessions.

Q.What are the selection criteria?

A.Fashion style, quality of the photo, pose and face expression of the child will be considered.
Please post your very best photo!

Q.Can siblings apply together?

A.Yes. We accept one application per one household. Please note, that the siblings must apply together and will be considered a single entry. They will also have a joint photo session.

Q.How will I know the result?

A.Only the applicants that have passed the audition will receive an e-mail notification.
Please make sure your mail account settings allow the receipt of e-mails from "".
Also, in case you’ve changed the registered e-mail address, please send an e-mail notification with the following details: "project name", "registered parent’s name", “name of the child model”, "old and new e-mail address".

Q.Can I re-apply?

A.We accept only one application from one e-mail address.
*Please make only one application per one family. 
The applications submitted separately for siblings from the same family will not be accepted.

Photo Session

Q.What kind of photo session I will have?

A.A professional photographer takes photos of your child.
There are two phases: One is with the time-board and the other is behind the scenes photos! We prepared the Rody time-board for this event. All kids models hold it for the pictures that will be published as KIDS-TOKEI. Regarding behind the scenes photos, the photographer seeks relaxing and natural faces of models. All family members can get their pictures taken with the model!!

Q.Can my friend participate in the photo session with me?

The children who passed the audition can only participate in the photo session.

Q.Can I take my own video or photos during the session?

A. Please note that taking photos and videos with your own devices is not allowed.

Q.Can I purchase the photo data?

A.  Yes.
CD data can be purchased. It includes both pictures with the time-board and behind the scenes ones.

Photo Release

Q. When is the release date?

A. April 25, 2015

Q.Can I purchase the released photos?

You can capture them and save those images. CD data (including the released photo and behind the scenes photos) is also available. You can place your order on "Mypage". Please note that the price gets higher because we offer the special price only on the event day.

Additional questions

Q.I’ve changed my e-mail address. What should I do?

A.Please change your registered E-mail address on "Mypage" with your smartphone or PC. You can find the bar saying "Change E-mail address" in the menu list.

Q.Can KIDS-TOKEI CLUB help my child become an actor/actress or a model?

A.In fact, some KIDS-TOKEI models made their debuts in magazines, apparel brands or TV shows. We continue to offer the chances to connect you and show business world!

【Other inquires】
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
In your email, please put the following details: "project name", "registered parent’s name", “phone number” and "registered e-mail address".

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