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What's Kids-Tokei?

KIDS-TOKEI is a new concept in child modeling.
The Japanese word “tokei” means “clock”, that is why cute kids in our pictures capture and tell you the current time, minute by minute!
The purpose is to connect people around the world with children's smiles.

KIDS-TOKEI is the biggest audition site for child models in Japan.
The number of members came to be approximately 100,000 during the first two years.

It is the first step to a successful career for child models.
Your kid has all it takes to be a star? Then apply for our audition!!
Because at Kids-Tokei Club we have what it takes to help your kid’s dream come true!

What's Kids-Tokei?

EPIC is a 3D animated fantasy adventure that reveals a hidden world unlike any other.
From the creators of ICE AGE and RIO, EPIC tells the story of an ongoing battle deep in the forest between the forces of good who keep the natural world alive and the forces of evil who wish to destroy it.
When a teen age girl finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she must band together with a rag-tag team of fun and whimsical characters in order to save their world…and ours.


Release : 30/5/13
Studio : 20th Century Fox
Cast :Beyoncé Knowles, Colin Farrell, Steven Tyler, Josh Hutcherson,
         Amanda Seyfried,Christoph Waltz, Aziz Ansari,
         Jason Sudeikis and Pitbull
Director : Chris Wedge
Producer:Lori Forte, Jerry Davis
Screenplay by : TBA
Genre : CG action-adventure comedy
Opening : May 30, 2013
Run Time/Rating : TBA / TBA
Official website:http://EpicTheMovie.com

What's Kids-Tokei?

The models of Kids-Tokei Club will participate in a professional photo shoot for the Epic movie promotional campaign.
Each model will have a board with exact time and Epic’s characters on it.

The finalists will join all kinds of EPIC’s promotional events as image models for the movie.

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How to apply

From PC, smartphone or mobilephone

Choose the photo and

Your entry has been successfully completed.

【Application period】
2/4/13 - 25/4/13

【Conditions of application】
Children from 0 to 10 years old
One application per one family
Siblings applying together will be accepted as a single entry

Kids-Tokei editorial office

【Screening standards】
Fashion style, quality of the photo, pose and face expression of the children will be the key factors for the screening.
Please post your very best photo!

【Auditioning period】
26/4/13 - 29/4/13

【Announcement of application result】
30/4/13 -

【Photo shoot】
3/5/13 - 5/5/13

【The date when models will appear on KIDS-TOKEI web site】
30/5/13 - 29/6/13

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【How to apply】

Q. Is there any charge/fee for the photo session?

A. Once you’ve passed through the audition, you can enjoy a free photo session with a professional photographer.
Please note, that you will have to bear transportation, accommodation and any other related to the photo session expenses.

Q. What kind of photo should I post for the application?

A. The face of the child must be clearly recognized.
Both full-body photograph and half-body photograph will be accepted.
The quality of the photo will also be one of the selection criteria.

Q. I am already registered with another model agency. Can I apply for the audition?

A. Yes. You can apply and join us. If your portrait rights are held by your model agency, please consult with your agency before submitting your application to Kids-Tokei to clarify the contract details regarding your image rights’ holder.

Q. I have sent a blank message but I haven't received the entry form yet.

A. Please check your e-mail account’s inbox settings and your junk mail folder.

Q. I can't send the photo for the entry.

A. The photo must be 1MB maximum.
Please double-check the size of your photo before submitting your application.
Also, if you are using iPhone, please upload the photo from the e-mail account you have defined in your registration form.

Q. What's the screening method?

A. The audition will be processed by Kids-Tokei Club Editorial office.
Only the models that have successfully passed the audition will be able to join the photo sessions.

Q. What are the selection criteria?

A. Fashion style, quality of the photo, pose and face expression of the child will be considered.
Please post your very best photo!

Q. Can siblings apply together?

A. Yes. We accept one application per one household. Please note, that the siblings must apply together and will be considered a single entry. They will also have a joint photo session.

Q. How will I know the result?

A. Only the applicants that have passed the audition will receive an e-mail notification.
Please make sure your mail account settings allow the receipt of e-mails from "singapore@kids-tokei.com".
Also, in case you’ve changed the registered e-mail address, please send an e-mail notification to singapore@kids-tokei.com with the following details: "project name", "registered parent’s name", “name of the child model”, "old and new e-mail address".

Q. Can I re-apply?

A. We accept only one application from one e-mail address.
*Please make only one application per one family.
The applications submitted separately for siblings from the same family will not be accepted.

【Photo Session】

Q. What kind of photo session I will have?

A. The photo session will be done by a professional photographer.
It will be an exciting experience of a photo shoot with your own hand-made clock board and message board.

Q. Are there any requirements regarding my outfit or hair/ make up? Will I be provided such services for the photo shoot?

A. We do not provide outfit or hair/ make up services, neither do we have any specific requirements. Feel free to express yourself through the style you prefer!

Q. Can my friend participate in the photo session with me?

A. Only if your friend have applied and passed the audition too, as the photo session is available only for the models that have made an entry through the audition.

Q. Can I take my own video or photos during the session?

A. Please note that taking photos and videos with your own devices is not allowed.

Q. Where the photo session will be held?

A. Your photo session will be held at one of photo studios in Singapore.
We will inform you once the location of your photo shoot is confirmed.
We are sure you’ll like it!

Q. Can I purchase the photo data?

A. Both the final picture’s data (photos to be released on our website) and the data of the rest of the footage will be available for purchasing (CD data and printed photos).
Just let us know if you are interested!

【Photo Release】

Q. When is the release date?

A. All photos will be released on Kids-Tokei website from 30/5 and featured there for one month.

Q. Can I purchase the release photos?

A. After the release date you can enjoy a free of charge image display service for your mobile phone’s wallpaper (100 - 200 KB). To obtain images with higher resolution please apply for our additional services (charges apply).

【Additional questions】

Q. I’ve changed my e-mail address. What should I do?

A. We announce the audition’s results only via e-mail. Thus make sure to update us on your new e-mail address. Please send an e-mail notification to singapore@kids-tokei.com with the following details: "project name", "registered parent’s name", “name of the child model”, "old and new e-mail address".

Q. Will Kids-Tokei help me in becoming an actor/actress or a model?

A. There are kids who became magazine models and made their TV debut after they have experienced modeling at Kids-Tokei Club.
We look forward to seeing your dream come true!

【Other inquires】
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Please identify in your enquiry the following details: "project name", "registered parent’s name", “phone number” and "e-mail address".

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