Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have not received an email yet. (Application confirmation emails, announcements of application results, information regarding publication, etc.)
There is a possibility that your email reception setting is restricted. Please check if it has been moved to the junk email folder.

※We send emails with URLs from PCs. Please configure the settings in advance to allow emails from "".

There are cases in which emails do not reach email addresses that use particular characters such as "-" and "." due to the system. Please check in advance.
About the members page
You can easily apply, check your application results, information regarding photo shooting, and date of publication.
(Please use to check information in case you have deleted any emails.)

▽ Member Page Login Here ▽

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About the KIDS-TOKEI app
Please check the app in case you do not receive your application results via email.
Please download and use.
How to Apply
Select your preferred project that we are recruiting and apply from the entry form.
※You can apply from your PC or smartphone.
(You cannot apply from a traditional Japanese-style cell phone. Please note in advance.)

▽Projects Currently Recruiting Here▽

▽Procedures after Applying Here▽

※You can apply from the member's page after the second time.(

Beginner's Guide

KIDS TOKEI is a project where cute kids models present us the time one minute at a time, with the theme of "connecting the world with children's smiles".

It has become the largest kids model audition in Asia with over 500,000 members in a matter of just 4 years from launch.
It is now the gateway to success in the entertainment and modeling industry. Please feel free to apply.
You may gain the opportunity to become successful in the entertainment and model industry. The KIDS-TOKEI club supports everyone's dreams.
What happens if you become a part of KID-TOKEI?
①① You can participate in KIDS-TOKEI photo shoot taking place across the country. You can enjoy high-quality photos taken by professional photographers.
②The photos will be published on the KIDS-TOKEI website. You will be exposed to the world as a KIDS-TOKEI model.
③More! For each project, campaign models for movies and magazines will be selected.
e goal of KIDS-TOKEI
A. We launched KIDS-TOKEI in order to bring smiles to children all over the world. Let's change the world together in order to make the world a more peaceful and warm place!

About recruitment and applications

Can I apply any number of times?
1You may only apply once per project.
※We accept applications in family units. Please refrain from applying in siblings separately.
Can siblings apply together?
We accept applications in family units.
Please enter the name of all children applying in the name input field of the application form.
Please write the date of birth and gender of the representative sibling.

※You may only post one photo for the application. Please attach a photo showing both siblings, or photos of each sibling merged into one.
How high is the passing rate?
It depends on the project.
How are the results announced?
Candidates who have successfully passed will be notified through the member's page, direct email, and the app.
Please configure the settings to allow emails from "" in advance.

Also, if your email address has changed, please change the email settings on the member's page.

▽ Member Page Login Here ▽
What is the target age group?
It depends on the project, but most projects allow participants from 0-10 years of age.
I am having trouble sending the application photo.
Some smartphones may not correspond depending on the version of the smartphone. Please upload to the latest version and apply.

※If "Application Complete" is displayed, your application has been finished.。
What kind of photos are good for the application?
Please make sure your child's face is clearly shown. (Both half-body and full-body shots are accepted.)

※The quality of the photo is also a crucial selection criteria, so please send the best photo possible.
Notice of absence

■Not eligible for selection for a month.
Cancelled. 9 days before ~ on the day of photo session.
(Please click, ' Cancel'....from ' My page')

 ■Not eligible for selection for 3 months .
①Absent on the day of the photo session.
②Failure to cancel the photo session on, ' My page'.

About the photo session for successful applicants

What kind of photo session will it be?
Photographers will take photos in shooting locations throughout the country and in photo studios.
Photos will be taken with handmade time boards and message boards, so please prepare in advance. (We will send detailed information after you have passed)
I don't know how to write the board.
Please design freely on a B4 black drawing construction paper.

※Please prepare different boards according to each project.
Please also check the recruitment page and the results of your application on the member's page.
※The picture frame to put in the board will be prepared at the photo shooting venue.
About location shooting and studio shooting
The location shooting will take place at related park facilities and commercial facilities of each location. Studio shooting will take place in a photo studio.
We will guide you according to the area you live in. (The location shooting and studio shooting will differ according to the project.)
Can guardians also shoot together?
Yes you can. We ask for your active cooperation for children and infants, or when there are difficulties shooting alone.
How many minutes before the reception time should I arrive? ·Is it okay to be late to the reception?
In order to smoothly execute the photo session, we establish reception times for each model.
Also, please contact our emergency contact of the day in case you will arrive later than the reception time.

Please check the emergency contact information of the day on the member's page.
Will it be cancelled in case of heavy rain or strong winds?
As a general rule the photo shoot will take place if the shooting facility is not closed.)
Please come at your own judgement. Again, please take care when coming.
In addition, it will be informed on the NEWS section of the KIDS-TOKEI website in the case of cancellation.
Can siblings that have not applied participate as well?
Only selected candidates will be able to particpate, as we conduct screening according to the profile and photo of the application.

※ In addition, we provide photos of your family as an off-shot that will be unreleased, so please feel free to ask us. We hope it will provide wonderful memories for everyone in the family.
Will scouts be present at the photo session?
Scouts may be present depending on the photo session.
I will not be able to participate in the photo session.
Please decline participation on the member's page if the health condition of your child is not well, or participation has become difficult due to sudden changes in your schedule.

Another photo session date will be displayed only if there is a vacancy. ※If it is not displayed, there are no vacancies.
※Please note that the photo session date cannot always be changed.
Will we know the date of the photo session in advance?
We announce the date of the photo session only to candidates that have passed.Please wait for the announcement of the results.
※Candidates that have successfully passed will be notified through the member's page, direct email, and the app.
Can I film the photo session?
We ask guardians to not take any photos or videos because it may be an obstruction to the photo session. We ask for your acknowledgement and understanding in advance.
Can I change the date of the photo session?
We ask that in general, you participate on the date and time notified earlier.
The date of the photo session can only be changed if there are any vacancies.
※Please note that the photo session date cannot always be changed.。

・From a smartphone

Please select "Change date of photo session" on My Page.
Vacant shooting locations will be displayed in order of closeness. Please select your preferred date.

・From a PC

By selecting "Details" in the entry history on My Page, the results of the application and information regarding photo sessions will be displayed, so please select "Decline" there.
Please change the date of the photo session after you have declined.

▽ Click here for details ▽
How long is the photo session?
We are planning approximately 15 minutes for each person (including photos of siblings).

※Because it is a kids model photo shoot, the time may slightly move around. Please note in advance.
Will it cost money to shoot photos?
You can participate in KIDS-TOKEI photo sessions for candidates that have successfully passed for free.
Please note in advance that transportation fees and lodging expenses are to be paid by participants.

※There may be cases in which some admission fees are charged in location shootings etc. (For example: Botanical Gardens, observatories, etc.)

About the publishing of photos

The published photo seems to not be my child. What should I do?
Please check from the member's page.

If the image is different, in order for us to confirm the details, please provide us with the 、

①Project Name
②Registered Phone Number
③Registered E-mail Address
④Name of participating models (of all participants)
⑤Date of photo shoot, location
⑥Please specify your inquiry and contact

※If you have searched on the internet by the project name, there may be a possibility that past projects are displayed. Please check the Now Showing page on the KIDS-TOKEI website.
Where can I view the published photos?
▽It can be viewed on the KIDS-TOKEI website ▽

※Some can also be viewed at stores and websites of collaborating companies for some projects. Please check the project recruitment page for more details.
Can I choose which photos will be published?
Photos are selected by the KIDS-TOKEI publishing examination division based on photos that captured the most adorable smile. (The client company's opinions may also be reflected depending on the project.)

Please enjoy viewing.
How long will they be released online?
It depends on each project, but it is planned to be from 1 to 3 months.
When will the photos taken be published?
The date of publication differs according to each project. Please check the member's page as well as the recruitment page.

About the product

The CD data cannot be displayed on the PC.
We only send the product after we have done an operation check, but it may still be affected by heat or magnetism.
Please contact for further support.
※There are cases in which it cannot be displayed depending on your PC manufacturer.
I want to know how to buy the photo data.
We accept orders at the photo session, but you can also purchase from the customer member's page afterwards.
After logging in on the member's page, please proceed to your order from "Purchase Product". (Products and prices may differ according to the project. Please note in advance.)

▽Member's Page Here▽
Can I receive the photos that were taken?
Published photos can be downloaded from the image reading service.

Unreleased photos can be also be purchased at an additional price., Please look forward to it, as we will explain this at the photo session.
I received an item that is different from what I ordered.
We apologize for the inconvenience. We will confirm as soon as possible, so please contact us at
When will the ordered item arrive?
It is scheduled to arrive 45 days from the order date.

Other Questions

I would like to unsubscribe from the newsletter.
You can unsubscribe from the mail magazine at Please send the email from the email address that you want to unsubscribe.

※Several emails may be sent before you are unsubscribed. Please note in advance.
※We send out mail magazines to everyone who has applied. Please note that you will be subscribed to the mail magazine again if you apply once more.
I sent an inquiry via email, but haven't received a response yet.。
We apologize for keeping you waiting.

We will respond within 48 hours from receiving your email. Please configure your email settings in advance to allow the receiving of emails from
(We may send emails with URLs from PCs.)
I changed my email address.
You can change your registration information on the member's page. Please check.


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